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VELA Maritime Consulting Office uses its unparalleled knowledge of the maritime industry, combined with outstanding technical and management expertise to deliver high-quality and low-risk services to businesses locally and internationally. Our Türkiye enables us to mobilise teams quickly, ensuring we’re right there with you wherever you’re doing business, founding principles are excellence of service, reliability, and integrity. 


Consept of VELA


VELA Maritime  Consulting Office comprises selected experienced industry professionals. Based on the Marmara coast of Turkeys, the company is focused on meeting the needs of the maritime industry around the world, with particular expertise in the Turkeys .


     You’ll benefit from:


¨ First-hand experience of the maritime industry globally, with   special emphasis in the Türkiye.

¨ Onsite locally, when and where we’re needed.

¨ Exceptional knowledge of the industry requirements of governments in the Turkish region.

¨ Strong local contacts – in government and on the ground.

¨ It all adds up to a smoother, more efficient project, run by people who you can trust to deliver the right results every time.

¨ We have the knowledge and skills necessary to operate in all areas of the maritime industry.


¨ Our long-term involvement in the maritime industry in Turkeys


¨ Significant experience working with the Turkish Maritime Administration


¨ Good working relationships with senior operational and administrative personnel in regional shipping companies and administrations;


¨ Global industry contacts;


¨ In-depth knowledge of the appropriate standards required for the safe operation of ships worldwide and specifically within the Türkiye, including statutory and class;


¨ We provide shipping agency services (in all Tekirdağ & Izmit ports )  Akport, Martas, Opet, Butangaz, Asya Port , NATO Port, TMO, that Tekirdag pier agent service, also Tekirdag yatch agency in Tekirdag marina


¨ Ro Ro , Ro Lo, Service In Marmara Sea


¨ Ship Yard Agent Service in Tuzla, Yalova,İzmit